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 St Paul’s Episcopal Church
 1018 East Grayson Street 
San Antonio, TX 78208
Gathering at 5:15pm
Liturgy at 5:30pm

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 Dignity San Antonio Celebrates the wholeness and holiness of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Catholics

Dear Dignity Friend,
Hope you are having a good week.
This Sunday is BROWN BAG…bring your own dinner and join us after Mass for community building
We hope and pray that this weekly message will nurture you spiritually and be especially helpful in the more difficult times of life.
In these weeks of Easter, here are some excerpts from an article in U.S. Catholic written by Sr Joan Chittister, entitled “What will it take for us to truly make Easter change our lives?” She suggests that Easter is a feast that never ends, it is about those who had to go on living after Jesus is risen, about us and those around us.  Mary Magdalene, Peter, and John are models of us all.
Finally, John, “the one whom Jesus loved,”   also went to the tomb.…John out ran the other two.  But he stopped at the entrance to it….John…had…gone all the way to the cross…he was faithful to the end.  So why stop now?
Maybe, for the same reason you and I don’t go all the way into the tomb.  Maybe John, the mystic, knew it was one thing to contemplate the scene.  It was entirely another to become the Jesus we purport to find there.  John,…knew deep down…that the purpose of contemplation is not to avoid the obscene in life;  it is to be driven to challenge the callused core of it with the very heart of God.  To go into the tomb…was to challenge the very integrity of his mystical life.
If there is a temptation in the spiritual life, it is certainly to use prayer as an excuse for not doing anything.  But that is not the mysticism, …That is feel-good prayer.
Real prayer breaks open the heart of the world in the very center of our own.  To pray is to come to understand the plight of the poor, the cries of the oppressed, the will of God for the world…
If Jesus is risen, then you and I must go on following into all those godforsaken places where only one sent by Jesus ever goes…we can’t stop at the baptismal font,…we must follow Jesus back to Galilee where the poor cry for food and cripples cry to be taken to the pool and the blind wait for the spittle on their eyes.
All the fidelity in the world will not substitute for leaving the tomb and beginning the journey all over again.
Today.  Every day.  Always.