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Dignity at the Women's Marches

From Maine to Maui, from Washington, DC to Washington state, Dignity members stood up for the rights of LGBTQI people, women, immigrants, those needing access to health care, sex assault victims, Muslims, in the Women’s Marches that took place on Saturday, January 21, 2017. This is just one example of our ongoing commitment to the work of justice. Here are a few images and stories from our Marches. 

 Honour and Kathleen marched in Maui, Hawaii, along with 5,000 other folks. Says Kathleen, “It was all positive and hopeful. It was amazing to see such a large turnout in such a small place.”











 Dignity/Washington hosted a group from Chattanooga, Tennessee and marched with them in our nation’s capital. Members from Boston, Chicago, Pennsylvania and many other places were also part of the DC March. 












Emily and Fini joined their moms and other members of Dignity/Boston at that city’s march, which drew more than 175,000 people. 








Women't March in Kennebunk, Maine   Bp. Rosemary Ananis was proud to be among “700 people in ‘lil old Kennebunk, Maine!”

Source: DignityUSA