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Pride and Dignity: Stay Woke!

Pride month is upon us. And once again, there is cause for reflection and recommitment in the midst of celebration.

Visibility and solidarity are vital elements of our Pride festivities this month. As we see intensifying efforts to chip away at hard won civil rights at both the federal and state levels–and as places where legal protections are still lacking see mounting obstacles–remaining strong, united, and engaged is essential. Health care, family rights, gender identity protections, employment, and marriage rights are all under attack in nearly every state across the US. And as usual, our most vulnerable community members–transgender people, people of color, immigrants, low income folks–are most at risk.

As Catholics and other people of faith, standing up for the inherent dignity and human rights of all is an essential command of our faith. So, as we march and celebrate, we must do so mindful of our sisters, brothers, and kin who remain at-risk. In the midst of the joy and color, let us take some time to recall the profound privilege of being part of a community that holds our lives and identities as sacred, and to renew our individual and corporate commitment to working for justice, equality and full inclusion in our church and society. 

May your pride celebrations be blessed and help further the dignity of all.

Images: Inclusive Pride flags

Source: DignityUSA